Beginner’s Bee Book

by Ted Hooper


Recently published, this book is based on the original manuscripts written by Ted Hooper in the 1980’s; now, revised and updated by Clive de Bruyn and Margaret Thomas, both well know experts in the world of beekeeping.Well suited to beginners who have a bit if knowledge.  


Bees at the bottom of the garden  



An excellent introduction for new beekeepers.  Clearly written and easy to read.  


Queen Rearing Simplified



Beekeepers who aspire to breed their own queens would do well to read his advice.  


The Bee-friendly Beekeeper



This book presents the case for the bee friendly top-bar frame hives.  


Guide to Bees & Honey



The best selling bee book of all timea book that should be on every beekeepers book shelf!  


Honey Farming

Rob Mainly


A wonderful easy to read book full of wisdom gained over a lifetime of beekeeping.  Often quoted by Ben